Today, the UK PM’s letter invoking article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon will arrive in Brussels, starting the negotiations for the UK to leave the European Union. Today is a sad day for our project. Our work, our research, and our lives have been and are being enriched by our collaboration with our partners at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and our project has also made an impact on the two British teams’ science. While we, of course, are most respectful of the will of the British people, it is most unfortunate that myopia and the plain dishonesty of mediocre politicians have put the European project in general, and European research in particular, in such dire straits. Our project will conclude before the end of the Brexit negotiation, but from this very day on we will be looking for ways to continue and strengthen our collaboration with our colleagues, who are now friends, in Oxford and Cambridge, in order to produce the best research for the UK, the EU and the World.


Anxo Sánchez
IBSEN Coordinator