IBSEN is a project funded by Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation Programme. Our goal is  to develop a human behavior simulator, a technology providing a basis for socio-economic simulations that would radically change many fields.

In a pioneering and innovating manner, we will carry out experiments in online sessions with +10.000 participants all over 5 different countries. Besides, more traditional offline sessions will be held in the different labs provided by the partner’s institutions. Every participant will receive an economic reward for their help!

Benefits of your participation

1) You will contribute to the development of Science.

2) Your participation will help scientist to create models for a better understanding of policies and Society.

3) You will receive an economic reward.

How can I participate in IBSEN?

It couldn’t be easier! Just follow this link and register to be included in the participants data base of IBSEN. Once an experimental session is open, starting in a few weeks, you will receive all the information via e-mail and  your social networks (Twitter, Facebook…). Then, all you have to do is to register for the sessions you are interested in before all vacancies are completed. The participation in these sessions, which  have been approved by the corresponding Ethics Committee, involves uniquely simple decisions in modeled situations. Every data collected will be treated anonymously so your privacy is guaranteed.


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