The next situation might be familiar to you. You are at a party or social event and meet a person you had never met before. Then, after a small conversation, you discover that you know someone in common, a good friend, a relative etc. Then one says: “It’s a small world!

Intrigued by this idea, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted in the 60′ a series of experiments known as ”Small World” experiments. His interest was to quantify the average distance between individuals in a social network. His results gave birth to the popular idea of the ”Six Segrees of Separation”, which states that there are only about six steps between any pair of individuals in the world. If the theory holds, it means that even you and me are connected through a very small number of acquaintances, no matter who we are! Therefore, situations as the one I depicted above are not rare at all, but quite the opposite. If you also find it intriguing, have a look at the next video, or find out more here Connected: The Power of Six Degrees.